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Ambiance Musique

AME pilot project - Ambiance Musique Establishments

The commitment is for a maximum of 90 minutes of music played with a schedule defined within 3 hours. Here are some rules that govern this price:

- No sound test prior to the arrival time of the musicians;

- The arrival time imposed on musicians must not exceed 60 minutes before the performance;

- No additional costs related to the musicians' performance must be imposed on the public;

- No entry price related to the performance of the musicians must be imposed on the public;

    Find out the discount that applies to your establishment based on the fee you pay per musician. The assistance granted is possible thanks to our partner the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec , which supports the AME pilot project . The “Ambiance Establishments” rate complies with the minimum standards of the regulations of the Guild of Musicians of Quebec.