Promote the creation of jobs for musicians for background music in establishments

Like all other self-employed workers, the profession of musician is precarious and unstable. Shows, productions, events and tours are the main sources of income for a music performer. However, the practice of the musical instrument is vital for the evolution and development of the musician.

In addition to the development of the performer, the objective of this project is to offer a reasonable fee to artists and to support entrepreneurs who advocate the presence of musicians for the atmosphere in their establishments. The NPO will provide the necessary structure to exploit these opportunities for music distribution with the spirit of community and in public/private partnership.

This partnership with public institutions will make it possible to offer an incentive that is necessary and that completes the cachet of the musicians. This cultural and social weaving with the Quebec musical universe will satisfy all the players involved.

This artistic showcase can only be advantageous for music lovers, establishments that want to have musicians, support organizations and performers who offer this musical quality.