AME : Un projet pilote innovant appuyé par le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

An innovative pilot project supported by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

Are you looking to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere in your establishment while actively supporting local musicians? Do you want fair payment for artists who contribute to the musical atmosphere of your venue? So let us introduce you to our innovative pilot project, designed to promote job creation for musicians in institutions and facilitate the deployment of a fair payment tool.

Background: Background music plays a crucial role in the development of musicians also for audiences who appreciate live music. Whether it's restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping malls, or other establishments, well-chosen music can improve the overall customer experience and keep them coming back. However, many talented musicians struggle to find opportunities to perform live and to be fairly compensated for their art.

Project Objectives: Our pilot project has two main objectives:

1. Promote job creation for musicians for background music: We seek to offer regular work opportunities in different establishments. The project aims to directly support the profession of musician by giving artists the opportunity to perform while being paid appropriately and according to the regulations of the Guild of Musicians of Quebec. This approach aims to create a positive synergy between the artist, the place and the public.

2. Deployment of a fair payment tool: To guarantee fair remuneration to musicians, we have set up a transparent and automated payment system. Thanks to an intuitive application, establishments will be able to easily manage the reservations of musicians, follow their presence, and pay them according to their performance. This will ensure fair compensation for the musical talent provided, while simplifying the administrative process for facility managers.

Operation of the Project:

  1. Recruitment of Musicians: We will establish a network of musicians interested in performance opportunities for background music in different venues.

  2. Selection of partner establishments: We will collaborate with establishments wishing to improve their musical atmosphere and support the local music scene.

  3. Installation of the payment tool: We will support participating establishments with a user-friendly application allowing them to manage the reservations of musicians and musicians as well as the associated payments.

  4. Creation of a unique atmosphere: Musicians will perform regularly in the establishments, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere for customers.

  5. Feedback and improvements: We will take into account feedback from musicians and partner establishments to continuously improve the pilot project.

Benefits for musicians:

  • Access to regular and paid performance opportunities.
  • Increased visibility and ability to expand their audience.
  • Support and recognition of their artistic talent.

Benefits for establishments:

  • Improved musical atmosphere and optimized customer experience.
  • Commitment to the local artistic community.
  • Simplified booking and payment process.

Conclusion: Our innovative pilot project aims to promote job creation for musicians while providing institutions with a practical tool to manage their musical performances. By uniting background music and responsible payment, we hope to help strengthen the music scene in Quebec while providing memorable experiences for customers of participating establishments. Witness the magic of live music while supporting local artists through this exciting project!

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